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#020; → All About Dong Bang Shin Ki (Last Updated: March 31st)

The five member group who started off in Korea, has gained popularity in many East Asian countries South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand as well as an increasing fanbase all over the world. In Korea (and widely recognised over the Internet) they are often refered to as Dong Bang Shin Ki or Dong Bang Shin Gi (the "K" and "G" are just due to differences in romanization of the Hangul by fans) under record label, SM Entertainment. Their official fanclub in South Korea, is the infamous Cassiopeia, who is represented by the sea of red balloons and has earned it own title in the Guiness Book of World Records. After gaining success at home, the group expanded overseas, and in China or internationally they are named as TVXQ (same name, just when romanized into Chinese, this is what you get) as well as on alot of officially released merchandise. However, their biggest achievement has been in Japan under Avex's sub-label, Rhythm Zone, where they are natively known as Tohoshinki. As of recently (January 2009), they have been named the first ever non-Japanese Asian artist to have five number-one singles.

Era; Debut in Korea / TRI-ANGLE (2004)
The group officially debuted on December 26th, 2003 at BoA and Britney Spear's showcase (both big names at the time in Korea) and performed their first single, "Hug" and christmas carol, "Holy Night". They group from then released their second single "They Way U Are", going on to release their debut album, TRI-ANGLE (and title track which featured BoA and the TRAX) which ended up as the year's eighth best-selling record.
04.01.14 Hug
Korean single | (found on album, "TRI-ANGLE")
04.06.22 The Way U Are
Korean single | (found on album, "TRI-ANGLE")
04.10.13 Vol.1 TRI-ANGLE
Korean album | (includes singles, "HUG" and "The Way U Are")
04.12.06 The Christmas Gift from Dong Bang Shin Ki
Korean album | (includes singles, "Magic Castle")

Era; Debut in Japan / Rising Sun (2005)
In Spring, DBSK started reaching out and debuted under Avex's sub-label Rhythm Zone, with their first single, "Stay with Me Tonight" with an Oricon weekly peak at number #37. Over the year, the boys also released two more singles in Japan. However, the greater success was the sophomore album, Rising Sun, which made fourth best-selling-record of 2005 as well awards Best Music Video and People's Choice Award 05 Mnet KM Music Video).
05.04.27 Stay With Me Tonight
Japanese single | (found on album, "Heart, Mind and Soul")
05.06.21 Hi Ya Ya Summer Days
Korean single
05.07.13 Somebody To Love
Japanese single | (found on album, "Heart, Mind and Soul")
05.09.12 Vol.2 Rising Sun
Korean album | (includes singles, "Rising Sun" and "One")
05.11.02 My Destiny
Japanese single | (found on album, "Heart, Mind and Soul")
05.12.15 Show Me Your Love
Korean single | Collaboration with Super Junior

Era; Heart, Mind and Soul / Domination of Korea / O.Jung.Ban.Hub (2006)
After a string of singles, the first album, "Heart, Mind and Soul" was released hitting a Oricon Weekly Ranking for number #22. To support the album they held their first Japanese tour, "1st Live Tour 2006: Heart, Mind and Soul" and finished the year with more single releases. They summer single, "Sky" released in August, debuted at #6, earning the first Top Ten Oricon hit. The last season of the year, acivities resumed in Korea, preparing for the third album, "O.Jung.Ban.Hub" which flew off the shelves, making it the number one selling record of the year in merely three months. At the end of year awards, DBSK won all "Daesang" awards from participating ceremonies, the highest acheivement award given (equivelent to Artist of the Year), and the first time in nearly seven years for one single artist to sweep them clean. This was in addition to numerous awards like; Best Album (Golden Disc), People's Choice (Mnet) and Most Popular Voted Artist (MTV).
06.03.08 明日は来るから (Asu wa Kuru Kara)
Japanese single | (found on album, "Heart, Mind and Soul")
06.03.23 Heart, Mind and Soul
Japanese album | (includes singles, "Stay With Me Tonight", "Somebody to Love", "My Destiny", "Asu wa Kuru Kara" and "Rising Sun")
06.04.19 Rising Sun / Heart, Mind and Soul
Japanese single | (found on album, "Heart, Mind and Soul")
06.06.02 Fighting Spirit of the Dong Bang
Korean single | Promotional Song for World Cup 2006
06.06.21 Begin
Japanese single | (found on album, "Five in the Black")
06.07.14 The 1st Live Concert "Rising Sun"
Korean album | Live Concert Album
06.07.28 Vacation Original Soundtrack
Korean single | Themesong to mini drama, VACATION
06.08.16 Sky
Japanese single | (found on album, "Five in the Black")
06.09.29 Vol.3 O.正.反.合 (O.Jung.Ban.Hub)
Korean album | (includes singles, "O.Jung.Ban.Hub", "Balloons" and "I'll Be There")
06.11.08 miss you / O.正・反・合 (O.Sei.Han.Gou)
Japanese single | (found on album, "Five in the Black")

Era; Concentration in Japan / Five in the Black (2007)
The year started off with the 2nd Asia Tour Concert 'O' to celebrate their thrid Korean album release. But soon after, all attention went to Japan. Over the year, Tohoshinki produced one orignal album, "Five in the Black", which debuted at #10 on Oricon (more than ten places higher last year), one remix album and seven singles with triple "Summer Dream/Song for You/Love in the Ice" hitting #2 on Oricon as well as colloboration single with Avex artist, Koda Kumi, "LAST ANGEL". There were no Korean group releases this year, apart from a themesong contribution for Korean drama, "The Legend" and singles from the yearly SM TOWN Summer ("White Summer Christmas") and Winter ("Evergreen") Vacation compilation albums. However, member Xiah Junsu did perform and participate around Korea as a member of Anyband (a one time promotional band for Samsung's Anycall Phones) with BoA, Tablo of Epik High and pianist Jin Bora. Together they released three singles, "TPL (Talk, Play, Love)", "Promise You" and "Daydream" and performed at a musical showcase.
07.01.24 Step By Step
Japanese single | (found on album, "Five in the Black")
07.03.07 Choosey Lover
Japanese single | (found on album, "Five in the Black")
07.03.14 Five in the Black
Japanese album | (includes singles, "Begin", "Sky", "miss you", "Step by Step" and "Choosey Lover")
07.06.13 Lovin' You
Japanese single | (found on album, "T")
07.06.20 The 2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" Live Album
Korean album | Live Concert Album
07.08.01 SUMMER ~Summer Dream/Song for you/Love in the Ice~
Japanese single | (found on album, "T")
07.09.19 SHINE / Ride On
Japanese single | (found on album, "T")
07.10.19 Yeo Haeng Gi {Digital Single}
Korean single | (found on album, "2007 SM TOWN Winter Vacation")
07.10.24 TVXQ Nonstop ReMix Vol.1
Japanese Remix Album
07.10.24 Rising Sun (Japanese Reissue Edition)
Japanese re-release, one bonus track
07.10.24 O.Jung.Ban.Hub (Japanese Reissue Edition)
Japanese re-release, one bonus track
07.11.14 Forever Love
Japanese single | (found on album, "T")
07.12.19 Together
Japanese single | (found on album, "T")

Era; Rise of Popularity in Japan / MIROTIC (2008)
A phenonmanal year for the boys both in Japan and Korea. The year started off with their first ever Oricon number #1 single, Purple Line, making them first foreign male group to have a number-one single in Japan. They then released their third Japanese album, T, which debuted at #4 on the Oricon Weekly album chart and immediately as follow-up announced the "Trick" project where five singles would be released consecutively for six weeks, from February to March and each single would contain a solo track by a member. Though none of these reached number #1, they all ended up in the weekly top five charts. Their next single, Beautiful You / Sennen Koi Uta, became another number-one for the group and made them the first non-Japanese Asians with two number-one singles since Ou-Yang Fei Fei set the record 24 years before. The next two singles released, "Dōshite Kimi o Suki ni Natte Shimattandarō?" (July) and "Jumon -Mirotic-" (October) also hit the number #1 on Oricon, making a total of four singles with number #1 status. Back in Korea, a fourth album was released, MIROTIC, and after only three days it became the best selling album of the year, sales totaled 502,837 copies, making it the first Korean album in six years to pass the 500,000 mark.

08.01.16 Purple Line
Japanese single | (found on album, "T")
08.01.23 T
Japanese album | (includes singles, "Lovin' You", "Summer Dream", "SHINE", "Forever Love", "Together" and "Purple Line")
08.02.06 Two hearts / WILD SOUL
Japanese single | TRICK Single #1, CHANGMIN
08.02.13 Runaway / My Girlfriend
Japanese single | TRICK Single #2, YUCHUN
08.02.27 If...!? / Rainy Night
Japanese single | TRICK Single #3, JUNSU
08.03.05 Close to you / Crazy Life
Japanese single | TRICK Single #4, YUNHO
08.03.12 Keyword / Maze
Japanese single | TRICK Single #5, JEJUNG
08.04.23 Beautiful You / 千年恋歌 (Sennen Koi Uta)
Japanese single | (found on album, "The Secret Code")
08.07.16 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?)
Japanese single | (found on album, "The Secret Code")
08.09.19 주문 (MIROTIC) {Digital Single}
Korean single | (found on album, "MIROTIC")
08.09.26 Vol.4 주문 (MIROTIC)
Korean album | (includes singles, "MIROTIC", "Wrong Number" and "Are You A Good Girl")
08.10.15 呪文 -MIROTIC- (Jumon-MIROTIC-)
Japanese single | (found on album, "The Secret Code")

Era; Five Year Anniversary / The Unknown Future (2009)
The year started off with twenty-fifthh single, "Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide" their fifth Oricon number #1, making them the first and only non-Japanese Asians to have five number-one singles debut atop the Oricon chart. Another single was released, in promotion for their fourth Japanese album. The single debuted at number #3, and the album debuted at #2, being beaten out to the top stop by fellow Avex member, Ayumi Hamasaki.
09.01.21 Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky / 忘れないで (Wasurenaide)
Japanese single | (found on album, "The Secret Code")
09.02.28 The Secret Code Pre-Release Special Mini Album {for rent at TSUTAYA stores only}
09.03.11 Survivor
Japanese single | (found on album, "The Secret Code")
09.03.25 The Secret Code
Japanese album | (includes singles, "Beautiful You", "Doushite Kimi...", "Jumon -MIROTIC-", "Bolero" and "Survivor")
09.04.22 Share the World / We Are
Japanese single | (found on album, "Untitled Vol. 5")

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